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August 11, 2011


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Edit 3: Remember, everyone, that you are not limited to asking just one critic. Feel free to ask as many as you'd like. Sometimes, the more critiques one has, the more well-rounded feel for one's story can be felt.

Edit 2: Critics, if you would like to say what you specialize in best, please comment below on a new comment. :)  Thank you.  

Edit: If you are a critic and wish to change any information regarding your status on critiquing, please comment on this journal! :) Thank you.

We've all been there.  We want to improve in what we do.  We want others to tell us what they see may need more rounding in order to grow.  But who do we ask? And can we?
Well, this is a call to anyone who wants to be a critic or wants a critique.
We are starting a list in which critics list themselves, what they don't critique (either from biases or lack of experience.  This could range from yaoi to fantasy to anything with puppies in it.  Be as specific as you wish), and how to contact themselves. :)  If you are interested, please list the information in the comments below!  Also, please update us on whether or not you are available or no. (And if you ever don't want to do a critique, just let any offerers know). :D
While saying this, anyone who wants a critique shouldn't pester the critic is they say no to the offer.  Some may be busy and others may not have the willingness to do it.  Both excuses are perfectly fine.  No one wants a critique from someone who doesn't want to give it!


Contact information: Note or comment on profile
Won't Critique: Won't Critique: Tell me specifically what I'll be reading in the note. If I wish to critique it, then, expect my critique within two days or less.
Availability: Will depend. Just ask

Contact Info: Any method, preferably a note with reference or link to the work you want critiqued
Specialty: Poetry, Short Prose, Short Stories
Won't Critique: FanFic, mature content
Availability: I'm on DA almost every day, so I should get back to you within 3-5 days!

Contact Info: Preferably a note with what you want me to critique
Won't Critique: I'll critique anything.
Availability: It depends, I may be slow I may be quick it all depends on my studies. But feel free to ask!

Contact Information: Note or comment.
Won't Critique: Anime/fanfiction, essays and yuri.
Availability: Mostly online

Contact info: Note or comment
Won't critique: yaoi/yuri, 18+, certain fanfics (be specific when you ask)
Availability: Fairly available, but expect anywhere from a couple hours to 2-3 days while I finish

Contact information: Anything is fine (Note, profile comment, etc.)
Won't critique: Anything with sexual content
Availability: Every day

Contact Information: Note, profile comment whatever you like
Won't critique: sexy time stuff-no yaoi/yuri, overt sexual content, things peppered with f-bombs.
Available: Pretty much available whenever, just give me a little time to read it over.

Contact info: comment on one of my journals
Won't critique: fanfiction, any mature content WHATSOEVER
Availability: usually around most days.

Contact info: comment on my page or send me a note
Won't critique: well the only things i critique are poems and stories
Availability: Often

Contact: Comment on my profile or note me
Wont critique: Romance stories (I'm no good with those), anything 18+ or poems.
Availability: Almost every day

Contact: Note
Will keep an open mind about all topics, but if I can't see a way of helping I'll decline to critique.
Availability: Everyday when I am done with work.

Contact: Note, Profile Comment, Deviation Comment, or any other means outside DA, including several of my E-Mails; my business E-Mail is displayed on my profile
Won't critique: I critique anything, that's the good side of me.
Availability: every day, from 3-9 pm
Specialty: Dragon/ fantasy/Romance

Contact: Comment on my profile, note, email, Skype, any is fine.
Won't critique: Yaoi, yuri, lemons... That's about it.
Availability: Almost every day; at least 5 days a week.

Contact: Note me please
Won't critique: fan-fiction is all that I won't look at
Availability: Every day

Contact: Note me
Won't critique: Please tell me what your work is about, then I will decide if I critic.
Preference: Poems, Short Stories, Fantasy
PS. Don't expect me to critic your work after I have read it only once, I like to search for information to understand the contents. So don't push me to make a critic fast please!!!
Availabity: Almost Everyday

Contact: Note me
Won't critique: Fan-fiction, yaoi
Availability: just about 24/7

Contact: Note, comment
Won't critique: High amounts of sexual content
Availability: Fairly often

Contact Information: Note or comment on profile.
Won't Critique: Fanfiction. Poems. Everything else is a go. Prefer mature material.
Availability: Frequently. About every day. This is a dual account so there will be 2 of us to review work.

Specialty: romance (yaoi, yuri, het)
Contact: Note or comment
Won't Critique: non-romance
Availability: Anytime

How to contact me - Note or a comment on my profile.
I will not critique - High sexual themes(so anything 18+) Yaoi/yuri, fanfictions and poems.
Availability - I am available most of the time, but i would like atleast a few hours or maybe a few days to be able to write a thoughtful critique.

contact: note me or post on my profile.
WON'T critique: Nothing. I'm open to anything.
availability: i'm on almost everyday, with some lapses of absence, due to having to study for some test or some such. don't expect the critique to get done immediately. if you need it on short notice, find somebody else.
Specialty: anime/ manga, fantasy, scifi, anything of that sort. literature (no angsty teen crap). comics/ cartoons. anything humor- related.

Contact: On my page, in a note, I sometimes post in the Thumbshare Forum, too.
Specialty: Fanfiction, and any sort of original story besides fantasy.
Won't critique: Poetry, slash fics (especially with canon/oc)
Availability: I'm always on, forever.

Contact information: note
Won't critique: Some types of fan-fics, anything with very high sexual themes
Availability: depends, just message me and i'll get to it when i can....

Contact Info: Any way you like, send me a note or comment on my page. A link would be appreciated.
Specialty: Characters and their development, relationships, ect. I just love characters, and I'd love to get to know your OC! I otherwise specialize in themes and how they are expressed. If you need help on anything else, please ask me. Most likely, I'll be willing to try and I will do my very best!
Preference: Short stories, chapters, vignettes
Won't Critique: Slash fiction, fan fiction, yuri, yaoi, erotica. Please keep it somewhat classy.
Availability: I'm on just about every day and have few afterschool commitments, so I'll get back to you very quickly!

Contact Info: Drop me a note with a link to the material. If it's not ready for public consumption yet, I recommend using stash to upload. Please tell me what level of critique you want. I will no longer bug people to to add a link. No link = no review.
Won't Critique: I reserve the right to turn you down if I'm uncomfortable with the subject material; an uncomfortable editor is a lousy editor. I will correct some erotica/fetish-related stuff, but be prepared for a much higher level of revisions in those sections.
Specialty: I specialize in fixing spelling and usage mistakes, as well as correcting awkward phasing and plot inconsistencies ('plot holes'). If you need or want a heavy overhaul, come to me. Fantasy, sci-fi, and essays are all good, although I'll do others as well. I really like reviewing or beta-ing Fanfic, and will review series I'm unfamiliar with for the basics (grammar, phrasing, flow, plotting) even if I can't assist with characterization and other series-dependent features.
Availability: I'm fairly busy, but everyone who properly notes me for an editing will eventually get it, in the order in which I receive requests  

Contact information: Anyway~
Preference: Poetry, Photography of people, Short stories
Won't critique: Chapter long Fanficts, photography involving animals
Will critique: Yoai/Yuri, Mature situations
Specialty: Romance, Horror/Gore, poetry, photography
Availability: It depends on when someone asks. Normally I am always available.

Contact info: Note, please
Preference (from highest to lowest): Short stories, chaptered works, essays, poetry, illustrations, photography
WON'T critic: Fanfics, sexual content
Specialty: Everything written, really. My parents are both artists so I have a penchant for noticing what's wrong with visual works as well. I have a pet peeve for fanfics and the like, so please don't send them to me.
Availability: I regularly check my dA, so within the the day or during the next day.

Contact: Note.
Preference: Short stories, Sci-fi and Fantasy.
Won't critique: Poetry, Fanfiction, scripts/screenplays.
Will critique: Most other things.
Availability: Occasional.

Contact: Message
Preference: Free verse poetry
Will Critique: Poetry and short Stories. I WILL critique mature content (including sexual)
Won't critique: Fan-fiction, essays
Availability: Daily

I'd like to join as a critique.
Contact: Comment on profile or note
Won't critique: certain fanfics, yaoi, yuri
Availability: every day

Contact: Any way possible (:
Won't critique: Poetry, sexual content, essays
Availability: I'm on at least 7 hours a day and check my messages obsessively xD I'll get it soon
Specialty: I don't know, but I write roleplays and fanfictions most so I guess I'm best at those.
I'll edit anything you throw at me! I check messages almost hourly and I will edit anything!

Contact: Note me.
Won't critique: Yuri/ yaoi, essays or fanfictions where I don't know the fandom. Or any fanfics really. Sorry! I'm also bad at romance so yeah, don't go there
Availability: I check my messages obsessively each day, so I'll be sure to get it done quick.
Specialty: The genre doesn't bother me so much, but I'm good at picking up spelling and grammar errors. I also like to read about other people;s characters so I'll go over them for you as well! Long story short, I'm good at picking up what you might miss.

Contact: comment on profile or note me
Will Critique: poetry,short stories,chapter stories,fanfiction,mature content (including sexual)
Won't critique: yaoi, yuri,essays
Availability: daily

Contact: Any way, send me a profile message perhaps
Won't critique: essays, fan-fiction, romance
Will Critique: Novels, eps. fantasy, sci-fi or horror. Poetry, long or short. Scripts.
Specialty: I'm pretty good at finding the reality of the piece, so plot holes and inconsistencies. I'm especially good with rhythm and flow. I've been editing for the past two years, so I know what I'm doing.
Availability: every day

Contact - Preferably a link in a note
Won't Critique - Fan-fic's of any sort; everything else is fine. If it's one long story, please give me time as there is no way I'll have the patience to do it in one sitting. They might take up to a whole week or more if I feel I can't do it justice with what perspective I've gained.
Experience - I have been editing my college's newsletter and its magazine for the past two years. I know it's not the perfect experience for what is required, but I believe I can still give an honest critique.
Availability - I'm on dA everyday, and always make it my priority to check my messages. However, I may not accept if I have exams around the corner.

Contact information: Notes or comment on my page is the best~
Won't critique: Yuri/GL, erotica or anything past the lime stage in stories, horror, high fantasy (like, LOTR high fantasy), poetry.
Specialty: Description, development, grammar/punctuation, showing not telling, romance, drama, angst, action, and yaoi/BL.
Availability: Pretty much all day every day, until I get called into work.

Contact Information: Feel free to message me, or comment on my profile w/ links to your work.
Specialty: Fiction Prose.
Won't critique: Chapters (without reading the first chapter), Fan-Fiction (if it's a fiction I don't know).  
Availability: Every day, unless I specify otherwise.

Contact: Note me~ :3
Specialty: Fiction and Poetry
Won't Critique: WON'T Critique: Yaoi, Yuri, Creepypasta, or Fan-fiction
Availability: Well, I'm pretty much LIVE on DA so any day. Buuut I might take a while to respond because I might be busy with other things, and I want to have read work as thoroughly as I can so I can properly critique it...

Contact Information: Note me (preferred) or comment on my profile
Won't Critique: Fan-fiction, Anime/Manga, Nonfiction (memoirs excluded)
Availability: Most often available. I work as a copy-editor at a publishing house a few days a week, so I can be heavily busy with work every once in a while depending on the manuscript I'm working on, but just feel free to ask! I'll always make time to critique.

Contact Information: Via note please, with a link or thumb to the piece.
Will Critique: Short-medium length poetry, traditional forms welcome.
Won't Critique: Anything with major mature content, specifically with sex. Prose of any kind. Excessively long poems.
Availability: Generally on DA every day, so expect turnover within a day or two unless I notify you otherwise.

Contact: Note or Email.
Specialty: Fanfiction and Original stories.
Will not Critique: Essays(I'm the one who needs an essay critic XD), Poetry, Prose, scripts of any kind, and any stories involving fan-made OCs. Ex Hetalia OC, Hunger games OC, etc.
Availability: Most of the time, I'm constantly checking my account.

Contact- Note (I'm usually on dA from 2:30 pm - 8:00pm).
Specialty- Fanfiction, Fantasy
Won't critique- Um... Self-Insert fanfics?
Availibility- See above, please.

Contact: Note or email.
Specialty: Fiction and personal essays (AKA creative nonfiction). I've been published in both genres so I know my way around them fairly well. I've also been writing fanfic for years so that's totally on the table, too, and I'm open to critiquing academic papers if anyone needs an extra eye.
Won't Critique: Extremely sexually explicit stories. I don't mind sex scenes, but please let them only take up a SMALL part of the story itself. I don't like stories that are generally offensive (racist, homophobic, etc.), unless the offense is part of key characterization and not a clear vehicle for the author's prejudices.
Availability: I check DA and my email daily, but as a full time college student and part time office worker I might take a while to get back to you with the actual critique. It all depends on my real life workload.

Contact: Note only please
Specialty: Story and Characters. I don't really have a specific genre I specialize in since I learned about them all.
Won't Critique: Anything that's more sexual then it is anything else. I can understand to some extent, but if it's overwhelming I can't help you.
Availability: Anytime. It may take me a while to respond, but I'm always available.

I would be willing to offer my critiquing services!
Contact: Note or profile post. Whatever works best for you
Specialty: Stories and characters but I can critique poems too.
Won't critique: anything too explicit sexually
Availability: any time!

Contact: note or email (
Will not critique: Any fanfiction in a fandom I'm not familiar with. Unless you want me to do basic grammar, in that case, no limits.
Availability: Varies depending on homework, trips, or what play we're doing at school. Most days I'm on for most of the day, to be honest, but some days I can't get on at all. I'll generally get back to you within the week.

Contact: Note.
Specialty: Free form poetry.
Won't critique: Fan fiction.
Availability: Daily.

Just send me a note with the link to the piece.
Availiblity , mostly evenings and weekends.
Will do, mature content (sexual themes should not be overly graphic), original content
Won't read. Anime related or fan fiction. Because really, be creative.

Contact: note
Specialty: Short stories, flash fiction
Will not critique: fanfiction, poetry, scripts, writing with bad grammar, novels (there may be exceptions)... eerrmm, nothing else i can think of but i'll let you know if it goes on my critique list once i've received a note.
Availability: Varies, but usually able to get critiques done within a week. Will let you know if I need longer.
Perks: You'll be featured in my journal
Condition: You should leave a constructive comment on a piece of my work.

Contact Infromation: Note, please.
Won't Critique: Things with sexual themes, fan fiction, poetry
Availability: Whenever I can get to a critique.
Speciality: Short stories/vignettes

Contact: Note me with a link to your work
Won't critique: fanfiction in a world that I don't know (note me the details if it's a fanfiction), sexually explicit works, and if I am uncomfortable with the work, I will turn you down
Availability: Quite often, but it depends on my workload
Speciality: Short stories

Contact: Note - please mention #Writers-and-Editors in subject line
Won't critique: Gore, sexual content, severe horror, angst, non-traditional/non-fixed poetry, fanfiction
Availability: Varies due to workload - will aim to respond within one week
Speciality: Comedy, parody, fairytale retellings, scripts

Contact: Note
Speciality: Poetry, concrete poetry (dsh was God), short stories & even the occasional photo. Grammar Nazi when it helps a writer clarify their intentions but I love free-form/expressionist stuff that works.
Won't critique: Not much but . . . not fond of rape, bonking in general and fanfics. Definitely will not critique adolescent venting (Writers don't want it and a waste of time reading it in the first place).
Experience: Poet who has learnt a lot since the sixties (yes, I'm old!) and who has had to use language (orally/aurally and written) professionally and efficiently in various contexts since then. Recently into prose writing for which I appreciate criticism (but prefer unalloyed praise). Student/propagator of vernacular literature. Pretentious old fart Who wrote that?
Availability: most of the time unless I'm away from home. If you want a critique, I will normally be able to respond to the request within 24 hrs. The critique itself, however, is unlikely to follow until I have had a couple of days to live with your work and read it several times. I reserve the right to decline a request for a critique without giving a reason as the reason might cause offense.

Contact: Note
Specialty: Poetry (free verse preferably), non-fiction works (memoirs).  I look for strong emotion in both, and I will try to help you find weak points throughout your pieces.
Won't critique: Fan-fiction
Availability: I'm on dA daily, so I'll probably be back to you within 2-3 days.
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Yenros Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please remove my name from the list. I am leaving the group :)
u-fido-u Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for letting us know. :)
MlleKohaku Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I was wondering if I could get an edit to my info? If you could mark me as currently not accepting (or just pull me off the list if you'd rather) that'd be great. I'm horribly behind on my own works and am not doing anything for others until I get caught up.
u-fido-u Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have taken you off the list. Thank you for having us know, and have a wonderful day. :)
not-an-emo-girl942 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Contact: Note
Specialty: Poetry (free verse preferably), non-fiction works (memoirs).  I look for strong emotion in both, and I will try to help you find weak points throughout your pieces.
Won't critique: Fan-fiction
Availability: I'm on dA daily, so I'll probably be back to you within 2-3 days.
u-fido-u Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your information is officially up. Sorry for the wait, and let us know if you have any further questions. 
not-an-emo-girl942 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This seems like an awesome program. :)  Can I be a critic as well?
u-fido-u Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course! Please check out this following journal and send us the information needed to add you to the list. 
Thank you, and have a wonderful day!
On the side, due to it being dated, we may be redoing the critic system here, but it would only involve more specified information to benefit both the writer and the critic in searching editing works. Please bear with us if we get that started soon. 
But for now, the information on this journal stands to what we need to get you on the list. :)
coooool123 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
:icondizzyplz: gaaah so many who won't critique fanfics! and how are fanfics not creative?? XD
but yeesh they certainly do have a bad rep though, don't they, if so many aren't willing to read them?
Not like anyone would know the characters I write about anyway ^^; plus I'm too nervous to ask
u-fido-u Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We encourage that people post their preferences for critiquing so that one receives a critique that is honest and not biased against the genre if one is not interested in it. :) 

And sometimes, the best fan fictions are the type that don't depend exactly on one knowing the based original story but rather the writer gives their own spin on things. But then there are others who write fan fictions as to enhance an already known story. :) I wish you luck in finding someone, and it really is meant to be an open and friendly service that people have volunteered for. Please let us know how it is for you by note if there is anything that occurs. The list has not been updated in a while, and therefore it may be outdated in different aspects. 

Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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